New Zaanstad movie on energy policy

The Municipality of Zaanstad published a new movie on its energy policy. The main part of the movie was shot during the conference Port & City : Connected Energy. 

Malmö : ‘shared energy doubles the force’

MalmoToppTio470 Swedish innovation agency Vinnova has decided to fund a new smart project in the Northern Harbour area of Malmö. The project, named “Shared Energy doubles the force”, aims at stimulating both industrial symbiosis and the use of smart energy solutions in the harbour area. With this daring plan, Malmö and the energy company E.ON build upon the knowledge and practical experiences gathered during the e-harbours program. “Shared Energy doubles the force” reaches out to a new level.

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More district heating in the Amsterdam region

Local authorities, companies and institutions are joining forces to expand district heating networks in the Amsterdam metropolitan area. No less than 25 partners signed a contract to intensify cooperation between existing networks, and connect more consumers to district heating systems.
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Port & City: the parallel sessions


The parallel sessions, organised during the conference Port & City: Connected Energy in Zaanstad, attracted a lot of attention. Specialists from harbour cities all over Europe zoomed in on energy matters in ports. Read on to access their inspiring presentations, and the policy recommendations that can be derived from these international projects.

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Presentation at EST-conference Karlsruhe

HamburgshowcaseposterESTThe Energy Science Technology Conference & exhibition  ( is an interdisciplinary event for international energy research, this year organised in Karlsruhe, Germany.
Hans Schäfers from HAW Hamburg presented key results from an E-Harbours Hamburg Showcase at the EST conference poster presentation on May 20th.The poster presents results from the Hamburg showcase, featuring a chemical company in the port of Hamburg.

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Download the Newsletter!

Newsletter8The most recent Newsletter of e-harbours Movement presents an interview with Jan Paul van Soest, leading Dutch consultant on sustainability issues. Also featuring: the construction of an impressive Virtual Power Plant linking the city of Hamburg with the surrounding region. And: highlights from the Urban Magma conference in Malmö, Sweden. Download the Newsletter here: NB E-Harbours nr 8.

Live blog from Port & City: Connected Energy

foto_taets_webFrom the conference venue of Taets, located in an industrial monument at the border of the NorthSea Canal in Zaanstad, we present our live blog. The conference Port&City: Connected Energy is opened by Dick Emmer, Alderman for Sustainability of Zaanstad. “To build the new energy system we need we will have to find new types of collaboration with our partners, and even reinvent ourselves”, he states.

fotoportandcityTataSteel1.Hans van den Berg, director manufacturing of Tata Steel at IJmuiden, is the first keynote speaker. You find his presentation here. Tata Steel Ijmuiden is a highly integrated steel factory at a very favourable location. Tata wants to stay producing at this location, and shows that by investing heavily in production facilities and in sustainability. The energy efficiency of the factory has improved by more than 30% in the last 25 years. No less than 350 research workers are busy devising new products and improve processes. The company is focusing now on reusing the massive amount of residual heat produced in the different stages of steel production.

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Port & City: Connected Energy – Register now!

logoportand cityThe Municipality of Zaanstad invites you for a one-day event focusing on the energy transition in ports and cities. On Wednesday the 22nd of April we discuss crucial topics for business, ports and municpalities: How can we speed up the energy transition? How can we improve the way business and administration cooperate? How can we bring focus in the innovation that is needed? Get inspired by the search in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area for a sustainable connection between ports and cities.

The full program of the conference is available now. Check it out!
An overview of the eight parallel-sessions in the afternoon can be found here.

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Live Blog from Urban Magma

Sankt_Gertrud_KonferensFrom the beautiful conference venue of Sankt Gertrud,in the Swedish harbour town of Malmö, we present you some highlights of Meeting Point Urban Magma.

You can follow the proceedings of the conference live on the website of Urban Magma

Titus Tielens, Port of Amsterdam, Urban Magma conferenceOne of the keynote speakers is Titus Tielens, Manager Strategy & Business Development, Port of Amsterdam. He talks about the circular economy in port areas. Title of his presentation: Circular Reference – How the chain of companies, research instituties, and (port) authorities can kickstart the circular economy.
Amsterdam is a large port, leading especially in products like oil, coal and cocoa. The 2.000 companies in the harbour districts are working hard on innovation in fields like energy, biobased products and waste recycling. A more or less traditional company like waste incinerator AEB now has started to drive innovation in for example water treatment and bioplastics.
The success factors on company level are to manage the myriad uncertainties. You have to be adaptive and flexible. That goes for the city level too. As a city planner, try to assemble as many feedstocks and as many technologies as you can, by attracting different types of companies.
Titus sees three roles for the city planner and port authority. First provide the grid and the infrastructure: the Market Master. On top of that, Titus states, we are a Match Maker, bringing companies together, locating companies where they can exchange energy and waste with neighbours. On top of that, Amsterdam wants to be a bit more: a co-creator. The port authority provides incubator facilities, helping companies to develop new initiatives. This can mean investing in new companies, an activity that sometimes is debated: does a port authority have to step into commercial activities?

Johan Möllerström, Malmberg Water, Urban Magma conferenceJohan Möllerström, Managing Director, Malmberg Water AB presents Key factors for Cleantech business growth. The company develops biogas installations. Johan remarks: there has for years been a lot of talk about the possibilities of biogas in Sweden, but in reality only a few projects came on the market. So we decided to try and win contracts in Germany, a much larger market. We had to go for larger projects than we ever had managed. It took a lot of courage to sign contracts for projects that we had no experience in. We had to change the organisation of our design process to make it much faster. And it worked out, we are now one of the market leaders in this field in Germany.
One of the key factors for a succesfull innovation is sheer luck! Malmberg is one of the founders of the Swedish Water Industry, a cooperation of a number of companies in the field of waste water treatment, “all individually too big for Sweden but each too small for the world.” The cooperation choose to target projects in Ukraine first, and got contracts for three big projects.But then the political situation in Ukraine got very complicated. “We had done everything right, but you need some luck too.”

Sylvia Michel, CEO, KraftringenSylvia Michel, CEO, Kraftringen talks about The Utility as a driver for innovation. Kraftringen is owned by four Municipalities in Sweden, and provides energy to about 300.000 households. The company cooperates with the region of Skane to make the region fossil fuel-free by 2020. The solution of Kraftringen to reach that goal was accepted by the region, and now already 83% of the energy consumption is renewable. Kraftringen also is involved in two very innovative local energy projects, the new neighbourhood of Brunnshögg (‘the Town as Powerplant’, see the picture below), and the ESS-project that will couple a new research facility producing lots of waste heat to the local district heating system, both in Lund.


Electric cars: cornerstone of a sustainable city

rodetesladavidvandermarkThe Solar and Electrical Mobility Revolution conference in Amsterdam (March 30/31) can be considered a direct offspring from the e-harbours project. “We are looking for smart ways to link solar power generation, energy storage and electrical transport, “says Hugo Niesing, initiator of the conference, “we predict that the electric car will become the cornerstone of the sustainable city.” During the conference, leading car manufacturers Nissan, Mitsubishi and Renault will present their ideas about this new field of innovation.

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