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Business cases for flexibility

The e-harbours report “Strategies and Business Cases for Smart Energy Networks“ identifies six different ways to make flexibility profitable. For individual households and small business, normally the only options available are shifting energy consumption to cheaper off-peak tariff hours or … Continue reading

Business Cases for Smart Grids: The economic value of flexibility

The e-harbours expert group on Smart Energy Networks has produced an extensive analysis of the business cases that can make a Smart Grid profitable. In this article we present a summary of the findings.

Newsletter from e-harbours “From Show Cases to Business Cases”

The third issue of the e-harbours newsletter is now released. Besides updates from the different showcases of the e-harbours project you may also read about the e-harbours expert group on Smart Energy Networks that has produced an extensive analysis of … Continue reading

Lessons for business (and domestic) consumers

In the following table, we have summarised the findings of the e-harbours programme. We make a distinction between findings that are relevant for government bodies and policy makers, and lessons for consumers or business. The grid works at the moment … Continue reading

Are apples smarter than oranges? Evaluating and benchmarking the showcases

The approach developed by RGU is a combination of the simple and the complex. The simple part was the development of a set of variables that describe concepts such as flexibility, cost and transferability and which enable partners to produce … Continue reading

Examples from the Antwerp and Hamburg showcases

In both the Antwerp and the Hamburg port area, companies were interviewed in order to investigate the potential and financial value of the flexibility of the electricity consumption related to their production process. The next figure shows which companies were … Continue reading

Comparing the showcases

The e-harbours project has explored a variety of very different showcases. But which ones are the best? And how does one define best? And can one even think about best when comparing an experimental smart home in Malmo with an … Continue reading

Conference report: ‘Enhancing the business case of electric transport’

e-harbours conference on e-mobility, Malmö November 2012: an overview A new and more integrated view on electric mobility is beginning to appear in Europe.  That summarizes the outcome of the recent e-harbours conference on e-mobility in Malmö.  The conference, shed … Continue reading

Electric cars: cornerstone of a sustainable city

The Solar and Electrical Mobility Revolution conference in Amsterdam (March 30/31) can be considered a direct offspring from the e-harbours project. “We are looking for smart ways to link solar power generation, energy storage and electrical transport, “says Hugo Niesing, … Continue reading

E-harbours #1 Final conference: Blog from the second day of Let’s Go

Welcome to the second day of the e-harbours conference at the Inntel Hotel, Zaanstad. Chairman Gerrit Buist, from the Center for Energy of the University of Amsterdam, gives the floor to the Mayor of Zaanstad,  Geke Faber. She welcomes the … Continue reading