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More district heating in the Amsterdam region

Local authorities, companies and institutions are joining forces to expand district heating networks in the Amsterdam metropolitan area. No less than 25 partners signed a contract to intensify cooperation between existing networks, and connect more consumers to district heating systems.

Port & City: the parallel sessions

The parallel sessions, organised during the conference Port & City: Connected Energy in Zaanstad, attracted a lot of attention. Specialists from harbour cities all over Europe zoomed in on energy matters in ports. Read on to access their inspiring presentations, … Continue reading

Live blog from Port & City: Connected Energy

From the conference venue of Taets, located in an industrial monument at the border of the NorthSea Canal in Zaanstad, we present our live blog. The conference Port&City: Connected Energy is opened by Dick Emmer, Alderman for Sustainability of Zaanstad. … Continue reading

Introducing the extension of the e-harbours programme

e-harbours Movement – forging local coalitions around smart energy solutions Three harbour cities from different European countries investigate the possibilities to broaden the base for smart energy solutions by building coalitions with local stakeholders . New and innovative partnerships between … Continue reading

Blog from e-harbours final conference

This is our live blog recordings from the Let’s Go – Leadership in Energy TranSition and GOvernance Welcome in one of the most remarkable new buildings in the city center of Zaanstad, the Inntel Hotel. The conference starts with a … Continue reading


One of the main themes of e-harbours is demand side flexibility : “Actions voluntarily taken by a consumer to adjust the amount or timing of his energy consumption.” Some installations can shift non-critical activities over time, other devices can store … Continue reading

Energy efficiency

Improving the energy efficiency of households and businesses is the easiest (and in general most profitable) way to lower carbon emissions. But do households and managers realize the potential to influence their energy consumption and costs? Several e-harbours showcases have … Continue reading

Lessons for business (and domestic) consumers

In the following table, we have summarised the findings of the e-harbours programme. We make a distinction between findings that are relevant for government bodies and policy makers, and lessons for consumers or business. The grid works at the moment … Continue reading

The variables and the high level table

Data on a range of variables were captured. To allow comparability, flexibility (defined technically by VITO as a variable combination of time cost, energy availability and capacity) has been monetised as percentage of the total annual energy bill. Hard numbers … Continue reading

Examples from the Antwerp and Hamburg showcases

In both the Antwerp and the Hamburg port area, companies were interviewed in order to investigate the potential and financial value of the flexibility of the electricity consumption related to their production process. The next figure shows which companies were … Continue reading