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New Zaanstad movie on energy policy

The Municipality of Zaanstad published a new movie on its energy policy. The main part of the movie was shot during the conference Port & City : Connected Energy. 

Malmö : ‘shared energy doubles the force’

Swedish innovation agency Vinnova has decided to fund a new smart project in the Northern Harbour area of Malmö. The project, named “Shared Energy doubles the force”, aims at stimulating both industrial symbiosis and the use of smart energy solutions … Continue reading

Live blog from Port & City: Connected Energy

From the conference venue of Taets, located in an industrial monument at the border of the NorthSea Canal in Zaanstad, we present our live blog. The conference Port&City: Connected Energy is opened by Dick Emmer, Alderman for Sustainability of Zaanstad. … Continue reading

Port & City: Connected Energy – Register now!

The Municipality of Zaanstad invites you for a one-day event focusing on the energy transition in ports and cities. On Wednesday the 22nd of April we discuss crucial topics for business, ports and municpalities: How can we speed up the … Continue reading

Meeting Point Urban Magma: an eruption of innovative raw energy

Be sure to take part in the first annual conference of Meeting Point Urban Magma, coming March in Malmö!  The organizers see this conference as a first step towards a center of excellence for sustainable cities: “Fusing our expertise and … Continue reading

Renewable energy

When Europe wants to reach its ambitious climate goals, the share of renewables in the energy mix has to rise. Renewable sources like wind turbines and photovoltaic systems are more diverse, more geographically dispersed, and less controllable. That makes it … Continue reading

Energy efficiency

Improving the energy efficiency of households and businesses is the easiest (and in general most profitable) way to lower carbon emissions. But do households and managers realize the potential to influence their energy consumption and costs? Several e-harbours showcases have … Continue reading

Labelling hidden energy content

Clearer product labelling is one of the measures proposed by the European Commission to make ’hidden’ energy consumption more transparant for end-consumers. The research team of e-harbours at Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen has been investigating the possibilities to implement … Continue reading

Energy monitoring in small fishing harbours

Small harbours can be intensive consumers of energy. A fishing port like Scalloway, situated on the Shetland islands in the northern part of the North Sea, consumes around 1.8 GWh per year, and produces CO2 emissions of around 1350 ton … Continue reading

‘Smart grids are essential for sustainable growth’ says Dutch Energy Agreement

The Dutch government has a made a first step towards a national Energy Agreement, that is supported by a broad coalition of stakeholders. Not only Dutch governmental agencies participated in the negotiations, but also industry, labour unions and environmental groups. … Continue reading