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Cooperation Large End Users and Consumers on Smart Grid Zaanstad

The Municipality of Zaanstad and the surrounding region are seriously working on implementing ‘smart grid modelling’, in which electricity and (residual) heat are connected. It is a joint project of businesses, housing associations, investors and network company Alliander.  Participants from the … Continue reading

‘Smart grids are essential for sustainable growth’ says Dutch Energy Agreement

The Dutch government has a made a first step towards a national Energy Agreement, that is supported by a broad coalition of stakeholders. Not only Dutch governmental agencies participated in the negotiations, but also industry, labour unions and environmental groups. … Continue reading

Business Cases for Smart Grids: The economic value of flexibility

The e-harbours expert group on Smart Energy Networks has produced an extensive analysis of the business cases that can make a Smart Grid profitable. In this article we present a summary of the findings.

“Improving the balance of the grid is vital for the implementation of renewables”

Interview with Elizabeth Johnson of Pure Energy Centre, the Shetland by Sander Kooistra. “Scalloway is a relatively small fishing harbour on the Shetland Islands in the United Kingdom. The Shetlands don’t have a connection to the national electricity grid, and … Continue reading

Electric cars and the Power Grid: smart solutions needed

As the number of electric vehicles in the world rises slowly but incessantly, utilities begin to get nervous about the effects on national electricity grids. New projections show a rise to 3 million electric cars worldwide by 2017. All that … Continue reading

Sunny holiday weekend shows why we need Smart Grids

Sunny weather in most Western European countries during the Pentecost holiday weekend. Photovoltaic systems all over Europe worked at full capacity, delivering Megawatts of electricity to the grid. In Germany, a new world record was reached : on Sunday, PV-systems … Continue reading

‘We need Smart Grids to integrate renewables in the electricity system’

E-harbours interview with Hans Schäfers, from the Hamburg showcase of the e-harbours project: Hans Schäfers is a fellow at engineering company Sumbi, and teaches at both the Hamburg University for Applied Science HAW and the Harbour City University of Hamburg.  … Continue reading

Batteries stabilize the grid

Near the Chinese city of Zhangbei a huge renewables farm started production last December, featuring 100 MW of wind turbines, 40 MW of solar panels, and a massive 36 Mwh storage capacity using lithium iron-phosphate batteries.  The website China Tech … Continue reading

UK Grid survives Christmas peak

Wind power is on the rise in the UK. Wind turbines supplied an average of 5.3% of the UK’s demand for electricity for December and early January, reaching a record share of 12.2% on 28th December. Against the expectations of … Continue reading

Smart grids: what, why, how?

Erik De Schutter from VITO held a presentation with the title “Smart grids: what, why, how?” in a seminar in Brussels in October. The presentation explained the concept of Smart Grids but also the e-harbours project to the 150 participants … Continue reading