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Introducing the extension of the e-harbours programme

e-harbours Movement – forging local coalitions around smart energy solutions Three harbour cities from different European countries investigate the possibilities to broaden the base for smart energy solutions by building coalitions with local stakeholders . New and innovative partnerships between … Continue reading

E-harbours #1 Final conference: Blog from the second day of Let’s Go

Welcome to the second day of the e-harbours conference at the Inntel Hotel, Zaanstad. Chairman Gerrit Buist, from the Center for Energy of the University of Amsterdam, gives the floor to the Mayor of Zaanstad,  Geke Faber. She welcomes the … Continue reading

Blog from e-harbours final conference

This is our live blog recordings from the Let’s Go – Leadership in Energy TranSition and GOvernance Welcome in one of the most remarkable new buildings in the city center of Zaanstad, the Inntel Hotel. The conference starts with a … Continue reading

Energy monitoring in small fishing harbours

Small harbours can be intensive consumers of energy. A fishing port like Scalloway, situated on the Shetland islands in the northern part of the North Sea, consumes around 1.8 GWh per year, and produces CO2 emissions of around 1350 ton … Continue reading

The point of Arrival of e-harbours: Findings, Lessons learned and Recommendations

Things that e-harbours found: our top 10 For large harbours, finding flexibility is the key The e-harbours project was funded on the premise that harbour regions – with their enormous demand for energy – would have substantial amounts of untapped … Continue reading

Framework e-harbours #1

This is eharbours: Renewable energy Smart grids Electric mobility Go to our download section here >> Lessons for stakeholders Smart energy in 5 min (All videos »)

Don’t miss the e-harbours Final conference!

The e-harbours Final conference “Let’s Go – Leadership in Energy TranSition and GOvernance” will be held in Zaanstad, The Netherlands, February 12-13th 2014. Save the date! Registration is open now!. Read more on the conference here »

e-mobility and e-harbours

The international conference of the Emobility-NSR project drew a large audience to Haarlem (NL). One of the topics discussed was the set of drivers for large scale implementation of EV. In keywords: psychology of the end user, taxes, direct incentives & … Continue reading

Study on hydrogen use and power-to-gas potentials in the Hamburg harbour

One focus of the e-harbours showcase in Hamburg is to examine how a surplus of wind energy occurring in the north of Germany could be used in a smart way. A concept that has been increasingly discussed over the last … Continue reading

E-harbours Malmö showcase on BBC

Last winter BBC World Horizons visited Malmö to see smart energy systems and visit the Malmö e-harbours showcase Smart Homes. In the video report that was broadcasted worldwide in May the BBC team are impressed by smart grid solutions presented … Continue reading