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Energy Vision North Sea Region – Newsletter and conference invitation

“Putting the Pieces Together!” is the headline of the latest Interreg IVB Newsletter which now is available for download.

E-harbours: from North Sea to Mediterranean

At the European exchange conference Green Mobility in Catania, Sicily, Green IT Amsterdam showcased results of e-harbours. Hugo Niesing, consultant at Resourcefully, presented the findings of e-harbours on smart grids. These exchange conferences are organized by the GreenITNet project, funded … Continue reading

E-harbours #1 Final conference: Blog from the second day of Let’s Go

Welcome to the second day of the e-harbours conference at the Inntel Hotel, Zaanstad. Chairman Gerrit Buist, from the Center for Energy of the University of Amsterdam, gives the floor to the Mayor of Zaanstad,  Geke Faber. She welcomes the … Continue reading

Renewable energy

When Europe wants to reach its ambitious climate goals, the share of renewables in the energy mix has to rise. Renewable sources like wind turbines and photovoltaic systems are more diverse, more geographically dispersed, and less controllable. That makes it … Continue reading

Energy monitoring in small fishing harbours

Small harbours can be intensive consumers of energy. A fishing port like Scalloway, situated on the Shetland islands in the northern part of the North Sea, consumes around 1.8 GWh per year, and produces CO2 emissions of around 1350 ton … Continue reading

The starting point

What made us start the e-harbours project? These considerations formed the basis of our project: Europe must increase the share of renewable sources in the energy system, at a fast pace. The power grids will have to accommodate sources like … Continue reading

Framework e-harbours #1

This is eharbours: Renewable energy Smart grids Electric mobility Go to our download section here >> Lessons for stakeholders Smart energy in 5 min (All videos »)

Final conference – LET’S Go

Let’s Go – Leadership in Energy TranSition and GOvernance Zaanstad, 12 and 13 february 2014 E-harbours final event: Smart energy solutions in harbour areas In mid February the Final conference of e-harbours was arranged in Zaanstad. The final conference covering … Continue reading

Staff exchange Hamburg – Malmö

During late August a delegation from City of Malmö visited Hamburg University of Applied Science to learn more on the findings of the e-harbours project in Hamburg. Hans Schaefers and Philipp Wellbrock, from Hamburg University of Applied Science held presentations … Continue reading

Conference report: ‘Enhancing the business case of electric transport’

e-harbours conference on e-mobility, Malmö November 2012: an overview A new and more integrated view on electric mobility is beginning to appear in Europe.  That summarizes the outcome of the recent e-harbours conference on e-mobility in Malmö.  The conference, shed … Continue reading