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The power of many – general remarks

The e-harbours showcases make clear that households, small enterprises and local organizations, when combined, can act as a large end consumer and thus provide a massive amount of flexibility. This flexibility can be made available to the grid in a … Continue reading

The power of many – Smart concepts for dispersed users

Many small fish combined can form a massive catch. Several showcases of e-harbours (Amsterdam, Malmö and Zaanstad) have explored the ways private consumers and small enterprises (SME’s) can contribute to smart energy systems. In all these cases, electric vehicles play … Continue reading

Study on hydrogen use and power-to-gas potentials in the Hamburg harbour

One focus of the e-harbours showcase in Hamburg is to examine how a surplus of wind energy occurring in the north of Germany could be used in a smart way. A concept that has been increasingly discussed over the last … Continue reading

Electric cars and the Power Grid: smart solutions needed

As the number of electric vehicles in the world rises slowly but incessantly, utilities begin to get nervous about the effects on national electricity grids. New projections show a rise to 3 million electric cars worldwide by 2017. All that … Continue reading

Outlook: Massive price cuts make solar power fashionable

The last decade, solar power has slowly become more competitive, thanks to steady reductions in the price of PV-panels. Suddenly, the prices have started to drop at an astounding rate. Chinese producers are flooding the market. In an interesting article … Continue reading

Successful Expert Workshop on Electric Mobility and Virtual Power Plants

At the 22nd of March an ‘interaction workshop: experts – showcases e-harbours’ was held in the harbour of Antwerp. During this meeting a panel of experts on different aspects of virtual power plants and electric mobility shared their views on … Continue reading

Malmö : ‘shared energy doubles the force’

Swedish innovation agency Vinnova has decided to fund a new smart project in the Northern Harbour area of Malmö. The project, named “Shared Energy doubles the force”, aims at stimulating both industrial symbiosis and the use of smart energy solutions … Continue reading

Port & City: the parallel sessions

The parallel sessions, organised during the conference Port & City: Connected Energy in Zaanstad, attracted a lot of attention. Specialists from harbour cities all over Europe zoomed in on energy matters in ports. Read on to access their inspiring presentations, … Continue reading

Presentation at EST-conference Karlsruhe

The Energy Science Technology Conference & exhibition  ( is an interdisciplinary event for international energy research, this year organised in Karlsruhe, Germany. Hans Schäfers from HAW Hamburg presented key results from an E-Harbours Hamburg Showcase at the EST conference poster … Continue reading

Download the Newsletter!

The most recent Newsletter of e-harbours Movement presents an interview with Jan Paul van Soest, leading Dutch consultant on sustainability issues. Also featuring: the construction of an impressive Virtual Power Plant linking the city of Hamburg with the surrounding region. … Continue reading