Eharbours Partners

E-harbours #1 partners

The e-harbours extension
The e-harbous project has been extended with three of the original partners.

More information on the e-harbours extension is available here

The objectives of e-harbours #1
The challenge is to create a more sustainable energy model in harbour regions on the basis of innovative intelligent energy networks (smart grids). e-harbours focuses on 3 objectives:

  • Increase the production and use of renewable energy in harbour cities. Harbour cities have extensive industrial areas with a great potential for development of sustainable energies; from wind, solar PV, tide, waves and the reuse of industrial waste, heat or cooling available;
  • Increase the use of energy smart grids. Attuning demand and supply of energy by flexible demand management, instantaneous load shedding (both directions), energy labelling, intelligent storage;
  • Increase the use of electric transport, a perfect partner to connect to large scale renewable energies ánd leading the a more healthy environment in the harbour regions.

Supported by Interreg IVB NSR The project is financed by European Union, Interreg IVB North Sea Region Programme. Investing in the future by working together for a sustainable and competitive region.


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