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An open heating network for Zaanstad

The Dutch Municipality of Zaanstad is working on an extensive district heating system. The goal is to build a system that is open to both suppliers and customers of heat, and that is profitable for all parties involved.  Project coordinator … Continue reading

Participate in our upcoming events!

Registration open now for Meeting Point Urban Magma, two-day conference in Malmö, Sweden, March 18/19. Save the date for our second conference, Port & City : Connected Energy, April 22, Zaanstad, the Netherlands. Full information shortly on this website.

Hamburg subsidizes Demand Side Flexibility

The City of Hamburg plans an innovative subsidy to promote Demand Side Flexibility.  The subsidy will support industries that invest in making their energy usage more flexible and more adaptive to the available supply of energy. As the e-harbours project … Continue reading

Save the date: April 22 in Zaanstad, the Netherlands

The Municipality of Zaanstad and the Port of Amsterdam proudly present Port & City : Connected  Energy.  This one-day conference will take place Wednesday April 22 in the Taets Venue, Zaanstad. The focus is on smart energy and industrial symbiosis. … Continue reading

Meeting Point Urban Magma: an eruption of innovative raw energy

Be sure to take part in the first annual conference of Meeting Point Urban Magma, coming March in Malmö!  The organizers see this conference as a first step towards a center of excellence for sustainable cities: “Fusing our expertise and … Continue reading

E-harbours #1 Final conference: Blog from the second day of Let’s Go

Welcome to the second day of the e-harbours conference at the Inntel Hotel, Zaanstad. Chairman Gerrit Buist, from the Center for Energy of the University of Amsterdam, gives the floor to the Mayor of Zaanstad,  Geke Faber. She welcomes the … Continue reading

Cooperation Large End Users and Consumers on Smart Grid Zaanstad

The Municipality of Zaanstad and the surrounding region are seriously working on implementing ‘smart grid modelling’, in which electricity and (residual) heat are connected. It is a joint project of businesses, housing associations, investors and network company Alliander.  Participants from the … Continue reading

e-mobility and e-harbours

The international conference of the Emobility-NSR project drew a large audience to Haarlem (NL). One of the topics discussed was the set of drivers for large scale implementation of EV. In keywords: psychology of the end user, taxes, direct incentives & … Continue reading

‘Smart grids are essential for sustainable growth’ says Dutch Energy Agreement

The Dutch government has a made a first step towards a national Energy Agreement, that is supported by a broad coalition of stakeholders. Not only Dutch governmental agencies participated in the negotiations, but also industry, labour unions and environmental groups. … Continue reading

Answers to the Carbon Economy

Answers to the Carbon Economy (ACE), a research program supported by Interreg IV, investigates themes that are very close to the e-harbours program, and promises to develop valuable insights in the transition towards a sustainable economy. Anyone interested in the … Continue reading