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New Zaanstad movie on energy policy

The Municipality of Zaanstad published a new movie on its energy policy. The main part of the movie was shot during the conference Port & City : Connected Energy. 

Download the Newsletter!

The most recent Newsletter of e-harbours Movement presents an interview with Jan Paul van Soest, leading Dutch consultant on sustainability issues. Also featuring: the construction of an impressive Virtual Power Plant linking the city of Hamburg with the surrounding region. … Continue reading

Electric cars: cornerstone of a sustainable city

The Solar and Electrical Mobility Revolution conference in Amsterdam (March 30/31) can be considered a direct offspring from the e-harbours project. “We are looking for smart ways to link solar power generation, energy storage and electrical transport, “says Hugo Niesing, … Continue reading

Hamburg subsidizes Demand Side Flexibility

The City of Hamburg plans an innovative subsidy to promote Demand Side Flexibility.  The subsidy will support industries that invest in making their energy usage more flexible and more adaptive to the available supply of energy. As the e-harbours project … Continue reading

Save the date: April 22 in Zaanstad, the Netherlands

The Municipality of Zaanstad and the Port of Amsterdam proudly present Port & City : Connected  Energy.  This one-day conference will take place Wednesday April 22 in the Taets Venue, Zaanstad. The focus is on smart energy and industrial symbiosis. … Continue reading

Introducing the extension of the e-harbours programme

e-harbours Movement – forging local coalitions around smart energy solutions Three harbour cities from different European countries investigate the possibilities to broaden the base for smart energy solutions by building coalitions with local stakeholders . New and innovative partnerships between … Continue reading

Don’t miss the e-harbours Final conference!

The e-harbours Final conference “Let’s Go – Leadership in Energy TranSition and GOvernance” will be held in Zaanstad, The Netherlands, February 12-13th 2014. Save the date! Registration is open now!. Read more on the conference here »

Newsletter #5: “We hope to inspire you”

Now the fifth newsletter from the e-harbours project is released. The cover story of this newsletter is “Balancing the smart energy system” and summarizes the first findings of the project. Other stories in this issue are; Devising an energy label … Continue reading

Cooperation Large End Users and Consumers on Smart Grid Zaanstad

The Municipality of Zaanstad and the surrounding region are seriously working on implementing ‘smart grid modelling’, in which electricity and (residual) heat are connected. It is a joint project of businesses, housing associations, investors and network company Alliander.  Participants from the … Continue reading

e-mobility and e-harbours

The international conference of the Emobility-NSR project drew a large audience to Haarlem (NL). One of the topics discussed was the set of drivers for large scale implementation of EV. In keywords: psychology of the end user, taxes, direct incentives & … Continue reading