Conference on electric mobility


A new and more integrated view on electric mobility is beginning to appear in Europe.  That summarizes the outcome of the recent e-harbours conference on e-mobility in Malmö.

Below you may find all presentations from the two-day conference in Malmö November 2012.

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PRESENTATIONS – Nov 20th 2012

Experiences from the E-mobility Malmö project
– Björn Mollstedt  (E.ON)

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Siemens: PDF Presentation: Siemens_Malmo_121121 , Youtube »

Electric vehicles in a smart energy system
–  Leevon Tian (BYD)

PDF Presentation: Leevon_Tian_BYD_Malmo_121121

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Electric mobility balancing the grid in Zaanstad
– Hugo Niesing (Municipality of Zaanstad)

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Better Business cases for electric vehicles
– Mikkel Westenholz  (Better Place)

PDF Presentation: Mikkel_Westenholz_Better_Place

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Presentations Nov 21st 2012

Green eMotion – Marcus Ljungqvist (City of Malmö)

Overview – Clean North Sea shipping -Evan  Husby (CNSS)

LNG-fuelled Barges – Kjell Sandaker (Eidesvik group)

Hybrid  ferries  – Andrew Flockhart (CMAL)
Andrew Flockhart _Malmo_121121

Green Efforts – Anne Schwientek (Fraunhofer CML Hamburg)

Promoting electric boating in Amsterdam – Rosemarie Van Dijk (AGA Adviesgroep Amsterdam)

Interactive workshop on electric vehicles as part of smart energy systems.
Amar Nayak Malmo 121121

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The e-harbours project is interested in smart energy solutions for harbour cities, particularly to balance and buffer renewable energy. For e-harbours Electric and hybrid vehicles and vessels and not just means of transport, they are also mobile energy storage and buffering devices. So can electric and hybrid cars, vans buses, HGVs, cranes, forklifts, hybrid ferries, LNG fuelled barges and even ships themselves become components in smart energy systems? And what about the business case? Can smart energy help make expensive electric and hybrid vehicles more competitive with their petrol and diesel counterparts? Through e-harbours, Robert Gordon University (RGU) are developing of a methodology to try and compare and evaluate different electric and hybrid vehicles and to identify those which might offer the best business cases for inclusion in smart energy systems.

The conference was held in Malmö November 20th and 21st with participation from the following organisations: Logica, Region Skåne, Greenabout A/S, Nordic Energy Research, BYD Europe BV, Mobility Motors Sweden AB, Hordaland City Council, Volvo Car Corporation, MyECO AB, Swedish Transport Administration, City of Aalborg, West Yorkshire Integrated Transport Authority, HAW Hamburg, Lisbon University, Sunfleet Carsharing, VITO, Lund University, Caledonian Maritime Assets Ltd, Robert Gordon University, Fraunhofer Center for Maritime Logistics and Services CML, Municipality of Zaanstad, SIEMENS, E.ON Sweden, Better Place, Eidesvik Group, Elbil Sverige, TU/e, TPRI of Taipower, Miami University