Final conference – LET’S Go

Let’s GoLeadership in Energy TranSition and GOvernance
Zaanstad, 12 and 13 february 2014

jan_1500E-harbours final event: Smart energy solutions in harbour areas
In mid February the Final conference of e-harbours was arranged in Zaanstad. The final conference covering the results of the three and a half year long Interreg North Sea project attracted around 150 visitors from all over the North Sea Region. The first day of the conference aimed primarily at a Dutch audience while the second day was in an international context and received participation from several countries. Below you may read our conference reports from the two conference days.

Final conference Report Day 1 (with photos & presentations) – February 12th 2014

Final conference Report Day 2 (with photos & presentations) – February 13th 2014


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The European Union has agreed ambitious targets to address climate change, energy security and economic competitiveness. By 2020 primary energy consumption must be cut by 20% across Europe and the share of renewable energy increased to 20%.
This turnaround is possible only, when the existing energy grid is turned into a smart energy network. Without smart demand management, the grid will physically not be able to cope with a substantial increase in intermittent renewables. In some parts of Europe, this is already a reality.

Why e-harbours?
Large industrial cities and harbour areas, with a dense variety of production and consumption processes, are a perfect testing ground for smart energy concepts.  The aim of e-harbours is to explore the possibilities for large-scale implementation of smart energy, specifically through four pillars of energy optimisation:
1. Optimising capacity for renewable energy
2. Improvement in energy efficiency
3. Electric mobility
4. Stability for the energy network

LET’S GO  Leadership in Energy TranSition and GOvernance
The e-harbours final conference Let’s Go – Leadership in Energy TranSition and GOvernance focuses on the role of key players in the energy transition, including the local government. The international perspective brings together researchers, policy makers, industrial companies, network operators, ‘balancing responsible parties’ and other stakeholders from all over Europe. Join us, exchange knowledge, share your views on the future of the European energy sector, and help shape that future!

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Zaanstad, Photo Mike Bink