Midterm conference

I-SUP hosts the mid-term conference of the European program e-harbours. Seven harbour regions around the North Sea investigate the advantages of Smart Grids. Below you may find the speakers and presentations from both days. At the following links you may find a summary of the days; Day one summary » | Day two summary »

Report from day two: May 10th 2012

Matthijs Kok, City of Amsterdam
Stimulating electric boating

Download Matthijs presentation »



Jaak Vlasveld, GreenITNet
Sharing regional, urban Green IT knowledge, The European GreenITNet project

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Vesna Wågmark from E.ON
Testing a Smart Grid on household level




Tessa Major from Antwerp Port Authority
Renewables in harbour areas – Offshore Side, How to combine On- and Offshore Energy Logistics. Presentation Clean North Sea Shipping.

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Report from day one: May 9th 2012

Jan Declercq from CG Global was having a presentation on Renewable Energy Generation: Different challenges in different continents.

Download Jans presentation here >>



Rene Kamphuis from TNO was presenting on Regulating power provided by industrial virtual power plant

Download Renés presentation here >>


Hans Schaefers from HAW Hamburg was presenting on the topic of How Smart Grids can be profitable and the e-harbours showcase of Hamburg.

Download Hans presentation here >>

Jef Verbeeck from VITO was presenting on the showcase of the Antwerp Harbour. A demand side flxibility is not always so easy to convinvce the companies about, but there are profits to make.

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Jan Schreuder was the opening speaker on day 1 of the e-harours midterm conference. He was talking on the objectives of e-harbours and told the audience that we need to change perspective on the way we see the energy market.

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Registration is now open!

The e-harbours midterm conference is about to start and the e-harbours delegates are arriving. This two-day event will be organized in cooperation with the I-SUP 2012  congress in Bruges, Belgium.

The agenda is available here >>

Dates: Wednesday May 9th  14.00 to Thursday May 10th 12.15

The e-harbours midterm conference is online from the centre of Bruges on a cloudy but welcoming day. The venue for the conference is Oud Sint-Jan and the view is as beautiful as shown on thi picture just taken outside the conference venue.

Practical information (hotels, transport, venue etc.) >>

Download invitation and more information here >>

Registration for the midterm conference is now closed.



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