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Project outcomes
Point of Arrival: The e-harbours journey

Project presentation material
e-harbours project flyer
e-harbours general Powerpoint (rev 2013-10-04)

Newsletter from e-harbours
First issue of the newsletter
Second issue of the newsletter
Third issue of the newsletter
Fourth issue of the newsletter
Fifth issue of the newsletter
Sixth issue of the newsletter
Seventh issue of the newsletter
Eight issue of the newsletter

Reports from e-harbours

Point of Departure Documents:
POD WP3 Smart Grids and Virtual Power Plants
POD WP4 Electric Mobility
Other reports:
Electric Harbour Logistics
Strategies and Business Cases for Smart Energy Networks (WP3.4)
Application of Smart Energy Networks – part I (WP3.5)
Application of Smart Energy Networks – Showcase Antwerp part I and II (WP3.5)
Application of Smart Energy Networks – Potential flexibility of reefers (WP3.5)
Report on non-technical barriers for smart energy solutions
Examination of hydrogen usage in the harbour area of Hamburg
Methodolody for benchmarking e-harbours showcases
Summary Expert Meeting e-harbours 2014-01-21

Presentations from e-harbours conferences

Showcase flyers
Amsterdam | Antwerp | Hamburg | Malmö | PURE/RGU | Zaanstad

Showcase reports
Aberdeen | Amsterdam | Antwerp | Hamburg | Malmö | Scalloway | Zaanstad

Postcard September 2012

Communication Plan
Stakeholder Analysis