Comparing the showcases

ABS 10_020The e-harbours project has explored a variety of very different showcases. But which ones are the best? And how does one define best? And can one even think about best when comparing an experimental smart home in Malmo with an electric vehicle recharging system in Zaanstad or the flexibility found in a large industrial process in Antwerp? After all, these business cases are trying to achieve slightly different things and will help optimise harbour energy in different ways. Ultimately, success or failure and ‘best’ are subjective terms.

Nevertheless – and taking full account of these qualifications – it is still a useful exercise to at least try to get some sense of those business cases that capture a significant amount of flexibility, which are relatively inexpensive and which are more easily transferable to harbours in other regions and other countries. Robert Gordon University were charged with developing a methodology for benchmarking and comparing the showcases.

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