Labelling hidden energy content

trafficlightsClearer product labelling is one of the measures proposed by the European Commission to make ’hidden’ energy consumption more transparant for end-consumers. The research team of e-harbours at Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen has been investigating the possibilities to implement an energy label for fish products. Existing labels for fish products do take ecological topics in account, but tend to bypass the energy theme. It is expected that having a clearly visible label with information on the ’energy cost’ of a product helps consumers make an informed decision and encourages more sustainable behavior. With consumer spend as a driving force behavior change among businesses can also be encouraged.

It proved to be a difficult and time-consuming process to find a local retail partner that is able and willing to take the energy label for fish products to the next level. But the research into the energy consumption of fishing boats provided surprising results: the energy uptake appears to differ greatly, depending on the type of fish caught. Further research in this intriguing find will be undertaken by Robert Gordon University.

Link to RGU showcase >>

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