Energy efficiency

E-conference_hållbarheten4Improving the energy efficiency of households and businesses is the easiest (and in general most profitable) way to lower carbon emissions. But do households and managers realize the potential to influence their energy consumption and costs? Several e-harbours showcases have tackled this topic, in very different ways.

Energy efficiency in big harbour companies: the Antwerp and Hamburg showcases performed energy audits in several companies, identifying not only the potential flexibility in the operational system, but also chances to save energy and lower energy costs.

Industrial ecology : When companies cooperate in producing and exchanging energy (for example in the form of heat) big savings can be realized. This type of projects are studied in Zaanstad (Smart Open Energy Network) and in Malmö (Northern Harbour).

Households: The Malmö Smart Homes are designed to lower the energy uptake of the residents.

Raising awareness : the Scalloway showcase works with local stakeholders in this small fishing port, o raising their awareness of energy consumption and saving potentials.

Influencing consumer behaviour: Robert Gordon University studies the potential of an energy label for fish products, that could influence both consumers and the fishing industry.

Other sources from the e-harbours project:

Report on non-technical barriers for smart energy solutions
The energy issue with harbours – Case study-the Scalloway Harbour

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