Renewable energy

Antwerp habourWhen Europe wants to reach its ambitious climate goals, the share of renewables in the energy mix has to rise. Renewable sources like wind turbines and photovoltaic systems are more diverse, more geographically dispersed, and less controllable. That makes it more complicated to keep the electricity grid stable. Identifying ways to make energy systems more adaptable to renewables is a core goal of the e-harbours project.

Recommended reading on this topic:

The Antwerp Port Authority is planning the construction of dozens of wind turbines across the harbour area. See the Antwerp showcase of e-harbours for case studies that demonstrate the benefits of including wind power in smart energy systems.

The Malmö showcase studies the practical use of renewable sources by the inhabitants of Smart Homes in the Western Harbour.

Other sources from the e-harbours project:

Application of Smart Energy Networks – part I (WP3.5)

Midterm conference: Tessa Major from Antwerp Port Authority, Renewables in harbour areas – Offshore Side, How to combine On- and Offshore Energy Logistics. Presentation Clean North Sea Shipping, Download Tessas presentation »

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