Exploiting flexibility in networks

northernharbour_energyflow_300Case-studies from Malmö and Zaanstad focused on newly developing industrial zones. Directing the emerging (energy) infrastructure towards smart solutions can bring great cost-savings and more opportunities for renewable sources in the future.

The Northern Harbour in Malmö is the energy hub of the city and the region. Several big energy-producing facilities are located there. The e-harbours team in Malmö looked for a better match between production and demand, reusing excess heat and thus making capacity available for electricity production, while increasing the share of renewables.

A comparable development is going on in Zaanstad, where plans are evolving to build a Smart Open Energy System around the local district-heating network. A joint project of no less than 20 businesses, housing associations, network companies and other stakeholders. Local industries can deliver excess heat to the network, renewable sources like wind turbines can also be connected. The sheer number of partners involved enhances the possibilities for profitable uses of flexibility. The system will also improve energy efficiency in the region, and enlarge the share of renewables.

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