Charging a fleet of electric vehicles in a smart way

zaanstad_showcase newsletter 1 In the REloadIT project, the Municipality of Zaanstad charges the batteries of her electric vehicles with energy from renewable energy sources. The software of the smart grid system maximizes the use of renewable energy. The smart system charges the batteries at the lowest possible tariffs, based on ‘day ahead’ prices at the APX energy market. In this case, the system generates flexibility by shifting electricity usage in time and intensity, influencing the charging current of the battery packs in the cars. The municipality has calculated business cases for a virtual configuration (of a thousand cars throughout the region).

The REloadIT project began on a small scale. Nevertheless, the project helped the municipality to develop a much deeper understanding of its own energy behavior, and of the way the energy market is organized. This resulted in a new energy contract for the Municipality, which not only reduced the energy bill by a massive amount, but also improved the prospects for the intake of locally produced renewables.

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