An open heating network for Zaanstad

henrystaalThe Dutch Municipality of Zaanstad is working on an extensive district heating system. The goal is to build a system that is open to both suppliers and customers of heat, and that is profitable for all parties involved.  Project coordinator Henry Staal has a lot of experience in this field. “It is quite a difficult task to get a district heating network realized, “ he states. “The initial investment in this type of network is in general very big, amounting to millions of euros. An investment like that has a long life span, not 5 years, but at least 30 years. And you hope to earn back the initial investment in 10 to 15 years.” Continue reading

Participate in our upcoming events!

urbanmagma2Registration open now for Meeting Point Urban Magma, two-day conference in Malmö, Sweden, March 18/19.

Save the date for our second conference, Port & City : Connected Energy, April 22, Zaanstad, the Netherlands. Full information shortly on this website.

Hamburg subsidizes Demand Side Flexibility

HamburgerhafenThe City of Hamburg plans an innovative subsidy to promote Demand Side Flexibility.  The subsidy will support industries that invest in making their energy usage more flexible and more adaptive to the available supply of energy. As the e-harbours project has demonstrated, Demand Side Flexibility is urgently needed to help electricity grids accommodate a lot of renewable energy (solar, wind), while maintaining their stability. The urgency has been felt especially in Germany, since the turnaround towards renewable sources ( ‘Energiewende’) is progressing much faster than expected. The city of Hamburg is the first public authority that actively supports the provision of flexibility on the demand  side of the energy market. The subsidy scheme, backed by the European Fund for Regional Development, will bring about investments of more than € 120 million euros in flexible energy systems, on the basis of € 24 million in subsidies. Continue reading

Save the date: April 22 in Zaanstad, the Netherlands

Photo David van der Mark

Photo David van der Mark

The Municipality of Zaanstad and the Port of Amsterdam proudly present Port & City : Connected  Energy.  This one-day conference will take place Wednesday April 22 in the Taets Venue, Zaanstad. The focus is on smart energy and industrial symbiosis. The organisers want to stimulate the exchange of ideas, plans and business opportunities between the participants. More information shortly on this website.


Meeting Point Urban Magma: an eruption of innovative raw energy

Be sure to take part in the first annual conference of Meeting Point Urban Magma, coming March in Malmö!  The organizers see this conference as a first step towards a center of excellence for sustainaurbanmagmable cities: “Fusing our expertise and experience in business, academia, and municipalities, we can light the fire that pushes development forward.”

The conference focuses on two main themes. First: how can a sustainable city promote successful international business clusters in clean technologies?  How can they help grow regional companies in clean tech,  and attract national and international businesses to the cluster? The second theme of the conference is industrial symbiosis, that can have an important role in advancing sustainable cities and business clusters —in harbours, industrial parks, and surrounding regions.

For more information on the conference and registration follow this link

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Introducing the extension of the e-harbours programme

e-harbours Movement – forging local coalitions around smart energy solutions
Northern Harbour Malmö, Photo City of Malmö City planning officeThree harbour cities from different European countries investigate the possibilities to broaden the base for smart energy solutions by building coalitions with local stakeholders . New and innovative partnerships between different parties can give smart energy solutions a boost, improving local energy efficiency and enlarging the share of renewables in the energy mix. The Municipalities of Malmö and Zaanstad together with the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences (HAW) collect best practices from our own communities, and from elsewhere. We investigate what works under what conditions, and provide information to help your community realize local solutions.

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E-harbours #1 Final conference: Blog from the second day of Let’s Go

Mayor Mrs GH Faber welcomes the audience to the final conference. Photo Dirk Brand

Mayor Mrs GH Faber welcomes the audience to the final conference. Photo Dirk Brand

Welcome to the second day of the e-harbours conference at the Inntel Hotel, Zaanstad.

Chairman Gerrit Buist, from the Center for Energy of the University of Amsterdam, gives the floor to the Mayor of Zaanstad,  Geke Faber. She welcomes the participants to one of the oldest industrial zones in the world. “The first windfarm was built here in the Zaanstreek, “she states, “in the 17th century. Renewable energy, produced and consumed locally. A Smart Grid, way ahead of its time.”

“e-harbours showed us, that energy can play an important role in local development.  What’s more, the project showed us , how much is possible already. To realise the potential, sometimes we have to leave the familiar path. We need not only a transition in energy, but also in governance.”

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Blog from e-harbours final conference

Robert Linnekamp. Photo Dirk Brand

Robert Linnekamp. Photo Dirk Brand

This is our live blog recordings from the Let’s GoLeadership in Energy TranSition and GOvernance

Welcome in one of the most remarkable new buildings in the city center of Zaanstad, the Inntel Hotel. The conference starts with a word of introduction by Robert Linnekamp, Alderman for the Municipality of Zaanstad,  and Chairman of the Dutch Climate Association. “I am very proud that we the final conference of e-harbours is held here, in the center of our city, in an environment that I hope will inspire you.”  He asks: “Can harbour cities, great energy guzzlers as they are, take the lead in the ‘Energie Wende’ we need in Europe?  On one hand, developments go very fast. Five years ago, when Zaanstad started with a fleet of electric cars, that was a very innovative project.  Now it is quite common to drive electric. On the other hand, change is slow. The project clearly shows, that not all stakeholders in society feel the urgency to change the way they deal with energy.”

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Don’t miss the e-harbours Final conference!

Zaanstad, Photo Mike BinkThe e-harbours Final conference “Let’s Go – Leadership in Energy TranSition and GOvernance” will be held in Zaanstad, The Netherlands, February 12-13th 2014.

Save the date! Registration is open now!.
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Newsletter #5: “We hope to inspire you”

eharbours_newsletter5_270Now the fifth newsletter from the e-harbours project is released. The cover story of this newsletter is “Balancing the smart energy system” and summarizes the first findings of the project. Other stories in this issue are; Devising an energy label for fish products, Power to heat – Key technology in the energy transition and Energy matters in small and medium harbours.

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