Cooperation Large End Users and Consumers on Smart Grid Zaanstad


The Municipality of Zaanstad and the surrounding region are seriously working on implementing ‘smart grid modelling’, in which electricity and (residual) heat are connected. It is a joint project of businesses, housing associations, investors and network company Alliander.  Participants from the (semi-) public sector include the municipality of Zaanstad, the province of North Holland and the Zaanstad Medical Center.

On  Sustainability Day (10 October) as many as 20 parties agreed to explore the possibilities for such an open and smart energy grid. Early next year the results are to be presented.

The plan is focussing on ‘power to heat’, contract optimization and increasing the use of residual heat. It is seen as innovative in its’ approach and the broad cooperation.

The following parties have signed the agreement :

  • Koninklijke Verkade
  • Goglio North Europe
  • Water Authority Hoogheemraadschap Hollands Noorderkwartier
  • Tate & Lyle Netherlands
  • Amsterdam Energy Company
  • Westpoort Heat
  • Foundation Zaans Medical Center
  • Woningstichting Rochdale
  • Foundation Parteon
  • Foundation Zaandams Housing
  • Evean Care
  • Network company Alliander
  • Liander
  • Dalkia
  • HVC
  • Cofely West Netherlands
  • Bio Forte
  • Development Corporation Kreekrijk
  • Province of Noord-Holland
  • Zaanstad municipality

Earlier this year in Zaanstad the pilot for smart grids was realized. The open and smart energy grid can be seen as the large scale implementation. Zaanstad will be carbon neutral by 2020 while improving the quality of the Zaanstad environment .

(photo: Mike Bink fotografie)

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