Electric cars: cornerstone of a sustainable city

rodetesladavidvandermarkThe Solar and Electrical Mobility Revolution conference in Amsterdam (March 30/31) can be considered a direct offspring from the e-harbours project. “We are looking for smart ways to link solar power generation, energy storage and electrical transport, “says Hugo Niesing, initiator of the conference, “we predict that the electric car will become the cornerstone of the sustainable city.” During the conference, leading car manufacturers Nissan, Mitsubishi and Renault will present their ideas about this new field of innovation.

Up till now, the public debate on electric transport has centered on the capacity of the car batteries, and the distance the car can travel on a charged battery pack. But as the number of electric cars is rising, new problems and opportunities arise. “One of our keynote speakers is Mr. Choho, the Alderman for sustainability of the city of Amsterdam, “Hugo remarks, ”he plans to increase the number of solar energy powered households in the city from 5 to 80 thousand and the number of charging points from 1000 to 4000. That will put great strain on the local grid, especially when all these cars are charged at the same time, in the evening. We will need smart charging systems to prevent those peaks. And vehicle to grid systems, where the battery pack of electric cars functions as a storage system for excess energy from the PV-installations, delivering the power back to the grid when demand exceeds the production.”

One of the big themes of the conference will be the business case of Vehicle to Grid systems. “I see three potential business cases, “Hugo states, “First of all, helping to realize green mobility, charging the cars with sustainable energy that is produced locally. Secondly, helping to stabilize the local grid. And thirdly, selling excess energy on the energy market when the prices are high.” Which one will be the driver of the next wave of innovations? Nobody knows yet.
The conference hosts professionals in the field of electrical mobility and sustainable energy, IT-specialists working on smart energy systems and of course specialists in the emerging field of V2G. For information and registration, see the website of AmsterdamVehicle2Grid
(Picture: Red Tesla charging along an Amsterdam canal. David van der Mark/Flickr)

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