REloadIT prizewinner: Alliander Innovation Award

The largest Dutch network operator Alliander rewarded the e-harbours team with the 2013 Innovation Award. Many thanks! Read more here (Dutch).

REloadIT wins the P-NUTS Alliander Innovation Award

The P-Nuts Awards are the most prestigious prizes a Dutch project in the field of local renewable energy can win. The team that organizes the Awards states:  “Every year we put the spotlight on the frontrunners. Because we can learn from them, because they have cleared the path for us and others can follow in their footsteps. “ This year our Zaanstad project REloadIT won the Alliander Innovation Award.

RELoadIT is the smart energy network (‘Smart Grid’) of the Municipality of Zaanstad. The project shows what possibilities arise when demand for energy is better adapted to available resources. The electric car fleet of the Municipality is charged with renewable energy from our own PV-system. The REloadIT application allows us to charge the batteries in a smart way, taking into account a number of variables like the weather forecast, the e-mobility needs of the civil servants at the Municipality, the remaining capacity of the batteries and the energy price. The system calculates the best business case every 15 minutes. In a case where the demand for e-mobility is low and the energy prices are high, the Municipality could for example decide to sell the energy from the renewable sources.

The innovative contract with energy provider GreenChoice will enable us in the future to settle for the optimal outcome. Balancing demand and supply has a great effect on the energy bills (supply,  transport and taxes). Developing the smart network REloadIT is the first step to make the business case of this balancing clear. And the good news is, the ‘consumer experience’ will not be affected: the e-cars will always be charged in time and ready  for the next trip.

Many parties are involved in this innovative project. For example the developers of the advanced software system (EnergyGo), the owner of the parking lot where the e-cars are charged (Q-park), the energy provider of the Municipality (GreenChoice) and network administrator Liander. Last but not least, the consultants of Resourcefully and VITO (Belgium) share the honor with Zaanstad for realizing this very innovative project.


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