The e-harbours participating at Sunday 2011 in Utrecht

Wednesday 12 October the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation organises an event named Sunday 2011 in Utrecht, The Netherlands. These are two meetings at once, one addressing the R&D part (research and the latest technological developments with respect to solar energy), and a practical meeting which addresses the application of solar energy in the built environment. For the latter meeting Zaanstad will organise a workshop entitled Smart Grids, solar panels and electric cars in the municipality of Zaanstad.

In the workshop the e-harbours project will be presented with emphasis on the Zaanstad showcase. What does the showcase aim to accomplish technically, but also with respect to contracts needed to establish a concrete business case. Why is this showcase so important for realisation of the ambition of Zaanstad to be a climate-neutral municipality? What is our approach?

The key message is that we need technique to be a reliable partner for energy companies. When we measure and forecast production and consumption we will be able to negotiate contracts with better terms. Even more so when we are able to balance supply and demand by means of a smart grid. The latter will facilitate the realisation of decentralised energy production such as solar panels. However, measuring, forecasting and balancing are only financially interesting if the energy contract allows us to profit from enhanced predictability and balancing.

To learn more about this Zaanstad is performing an e-harbour showcase in which the electrical car-park of the municipality will be charged in a smart way with electricity from solar panels and a wind turbine on different locations. Also the new energy contract of the municipality must be ready for a smart energy future. The lessons Zaanstad learns in this project will be available for local partners, so they can help realising the ambition of Zaanstad. Also communication on a regional, national and European scale will enable a widespread number of institutions to profit from our experiences.

flyer Sunday okt 2011 (NL version only)

presentation Sunday okt 2011 (NL version only)

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